Nothing says summer like the deep rich hue of blue. Ultramarine is the ultimate expression of our ceramic Blue Caviar collection. It has an extraordinary deep color that is evocative of the summer sea and sky. Designer and founder, Steven Lagos loves to work with ceramic because the material allows him to interpret Caviar (the signature design of LAGOS) into pure color with its natural luster and strong durability. He also finds inspiration from his travels. In past seasons, we’ve enjoyed dazzling gems from the Meditterannean and Greece. This season inspiration comes closer to home, our local Atlantic coast.

Blue Caviar Ultramarine is available in an array of new styles including bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Additionally, you can find this beautiful color in our Smart Caviar Collection. So your can layer an entire bracelet stack with this new blue. It is unlike anything else out there.

There are so many ways to style this latest collection. For someone who is just starting to play with color, one of our pretty blue bracelets is easily worn on it’s own. If you want to add some dimension try stacking it with a gold, silver or diamond bracelet.

One of our favorite ways to style ultramarine is alongside our White Caviar collections. Blue and white is a classic summer combination and it truly makes each style pop when they are worn together.

Adding in some of our Newport Collection can add a touch of texture and shine. As always, our collections are designed to be worn together, and it’s up to you to to wear it your own unique way. Share your summer style with us on your favorite social channel by tagging #MyLAGOSMyWay.