This post was originally published on The Shops at Sea Pines on May 7th, 2024. 

Relationships are at the very heart of Forsythe Jewelers’ way of doing business. Not only are many of the purchases that people make there intended to express the care, consideration, and love we feel for friends and family and others we cherish, but relationships are also how Forsythe has built its own following.

The feeling you sense when you walk into Forsythe Jewelers – that somebody understood just what suits you – is built and continued by paying careful attention to customers, and staying in touch. Store owner Andrea Bragg and a devoted team that lives and breathes the store listen closely and understand even what isn’t spoken, about what people want to say with the purchase they select there.

Whether for oneself or for the pleasure of a loved one, the selection at Forsythe Jewelers offers you a way of expressing something particular and fine.

Designer Dialogue

Relationships are also the answer to why the carefully curated handful of world-class designers, whose work is presented at Forsythe Jewelers, seem to be so spot-on in fulfilling local tastes and preferences. Andrea travels the world to make sure of this by conferring with designers on a regular basis. It is a global perspective for defining a local touch.

Not only is designer communication a two-way street, but the travel to achieve it also works both ways. This month’s Marco Bicego trunk show, May 16 and 17, is just one example. The coming Sethi Couture styling event and trunk show on June 13 and 14 is another. A chosen few of the finest designers in the world are pleased to exhibit here because of the relationships Forsythe has built among people with taste who know quality.

A Quality that Lasts

It is fitting to find Forsythe’s here at the heart of the Center, because they were with us from the beginning. Along with Truffles Café, Forsythe’s was a founding attraction when The Shops at Sea Pines Center began.

Over time, a sensitivity to what people particularly enjoy, to what lights them up and fulfills their desires, led Forsythe to define a distinctive Sea Pines style. Fashion and trends play a part in this style, but more fundamentally there is an appreciation here of something longer lasting. Looks that have proven to stay fresh through time are the essence of selections at Forsythe’s.

For Those Who Know

Even as the summer season approaches, fully 70% of the people who visit Hilton Head Island are returning. In Sea Pines, the proportion of experienced visitors is likely higher. Even among visitors, this is a community of people who know what they enjoy, and return again and again to explore it further.

Such is the nature of the Forsythe customer. Andrea and the team take particular care to cultivate understanding and sensitivity. The result is an experience of belonging, of being welcomed back, whenever we step through the Forsythe doors.

Whether you, too, are returning or venturing into a new discovery, we look forward to welcoming you here among The Shops at Sea Pines Center – and to a treasured store at our very heart, Forsythe Jewelers.